Port of Sheboygan

portWhile strolling down yesteryear in the Streets of Old Milwaukee, one can peer in the shops keepers’ windows and feel the history of days gone by. At the “The Port of Sheboygan”, this historic feel will be simulated and captured. Nostalgia, history and education will be intertwined. The difference, you will be able to go into the shops and experience the period of the time through interactive exhibits. The plan is to utilize the near 3,000 sq. Ft. of the third floor at the Children’s Museum to reproduce some of the businesses and companies which founded our great city and helped to develop Sheboygan. The emphasis of the “Port” in the development of the city will be highlighted. In doing so, children of all ages will be able to get a feel of what made Sheboygan such a great place to live and raise a family, all while having fun. The “Port of Sheboygan” will enable the museum to continue following the museums mission of being “a special place for children and their families where play and education connect through exploration and discovery”.
Be a part of the “Port of Sheboygan”…come Explore…Discover…Learn.