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The benefits of play for youth are many. Whether it be improving academic learning, decreasing anxiety and depression, or developing focus, coordination, and cooperation in a fun way, play is a great way to improve the overall health and wellness of our children. Join us for many fun adventures for kids and families throughout Sheboygan County. 

Bring back the fun in 2023!

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Play is Healing in Sheboygan County

Join us in 2023 for a community initiative promoting wellness and healing from the collective trauma of the pandemic. Above and Beyond Children’s Museum, Mental Health America in Sheboygan County, the Sheboygan YMCAand the Sheboygan Rec Department collaborating with additional community partners, have teamed up to provide playful educational opportunities developed to support our community’s overall health and well-being.

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Phase 1: A Mindful Recess

Our first offering, "A Mindful Recess", was an 8-week series guided by MHA of Sheboygan County Wellness Director Rachael Haas, to boost brain and body health with a mindful calming, focusing, and movement break from virtual schooling. Included in the pre-recorded sessions are playful mindfulness and fitness movements for calming and focus, balance and coordination, strength and flexibility, and finishing with gratitude while refocusing back on learning. Videos were recorded and inspired by different exhibits at the Above and Beyond Children's Museum as well as areas within the Sheboygan YMCA.

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Phase II: Summer Pop-Ups

PHASE II: Summer POP-ups

Bring back the fun in 2021! Join us this summer for the second phase of Play is Healing with our family focused POP-up play experiences at various participating locations throughout the county. Events include structured and unstructured play opportunities geared towards elementary students and their families.

Summer 2021 Event Calendar
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Stage III: Fall-Winter 2021

Please join us this fall and winter for Playtime POP-ups at various locations in the community. Involved organizations will have a booth or table providing activities, play equipment, games, art projects, and structured or unstructured play opportunities according to each event's theme that are great for elementary students and their families. 

*If budget is an issue, please contact Jackie at to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

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