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Parent Play Night

Conversation with Leah and Lynn from The GameBoard, LLC! Join us in learning skills through games and investigate the history of how games became associated with children. Walk away with a better understanding of the importance of using board games for education and socialization between adults and children.

Wednesday, April 17th6pm-7pm

Above & Beyond Children's Museum

FREE event for Parents & Children

Meet the Gamers

Lynn Potyen began her business in 2006 because her eldest son had a severe speech delay and a neurological writing disorder. Her story is archived in the Library of Congress after being nominated by the Toy Association for her innovative way of thinking. Her most recent adventure was a chapter in the book 'What Board Games Mean to Me', where she was 1 of 28 authors worldwide asked to share their expertise.

Leah is our Director of Education & Community here at Above & Beyond Children's Museum. She grew up locally, in Wisconsin, and has spent the last four years working in education around different Sheboygan Area nonprofit organizations. Leah spends a majority of her time at the museum developing and planning programs that cover a wide range of topics to engage and educate Sheboygan youths. She enjoys researching materials for any and all things Early Childhood Education and implements that knowledge in all areas of our space. In her free time, she loves to explore new cities, get creative, and spend time with family and friends.

17 Apr

April 17, 2024

6:00 PM