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At Above & Beyond Children’s Museum, our mission is to provide “A special place for children and their families, where education and fun connect through exploration & discovery”. We support our mission statement by offering over 10,000 square feet of hands-on, interactive exhibits for those of all ages to enjoy. So whether you’re making impressions on our life-size Giant Pin Screen, voyaging in the USS Efroymson Ship, or playing Teacher in our 1900′s schoolhouse, our fun yet educational exhibits will take your imagination.

1st Floor


Rachel's Favorite

We’re guessing even the greatest NBA star never scored a two-pointer using a bicycle, roller skate, swimming pool, oars, a couple of hockey sticks and a cowbell! This exhibit shows what you can accomplish with everyday household items if you put your mind to it. Inspired by a local family’s visit to an out of state children’s museum, this exhibit holds a special place in our hearts as it fulfills the dream and honors the memory of Rachel Jorgensen (1985-1998).

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Flight Site

Play with lift, flight, gravity, weight, and more! Learn about the movement of air while testing your object's "flyability" in the wind tunnel! 


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Sky Crawl

Crawl your way from the Adventures Tree House to the Music Mezzanine and back through the rope mesh Sky Crawl high above the first floor exhibit area. If there is a longer Sky Crawl in the United States, we haven’t found it yet! This, like all the museum activities, is “grown-up safe” so parents can enjoy it too!

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Whom-pa-ma-WHAT? That’s right, a Whompamaphone. Play your favorite tune on this PVC pipe organ. Learn how the length of the pipes affect their pitch. The longest pipe (for the lowest note) is over 15 feet long yet the exhibit resides in our Music Mezzanine which has a 6 1/2 foot ceiling. Sounds Like Fun Let the little musicians create their own tunes in the music room.

2nd Floor

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The Culture Exchange Exhibit! 

The Culture Exchange will replace the Siegl Circus Exhibit, formerly located on the second floor of the Museum near the new Toddler Barnyard. The Culture Exchange will incorporate both long-term and short-term focuses on global culture and diversity, exposing children and their caregivers to the understanding that we are part of a global society, and our differences are something to be celebrated.

There will be two main capital components to the exhibit:
House Structure – This free-standing home will be built of a permanent solid frame and façade pieces that change every two years. For each transition, ABCM will collaborate with a local community group to focus on their culture.
o For the exhibit’s first two years, the Hmong Mutual Assistance Association of Sheboygan has agreed to partner with ABCM. The house façade will feature a historically accurate Hmong home as imagined in Laos as well as interactive activities traditional to their culture back in the old country, such as rice harvesting and fishing.
o Half of the house structure will be for viewing-only, so that traditional items can be featured without fear of damage or destruction. The other half of the structure will engage guests in interactive play.

Interactive World Map – The touch-screen World Map will offer guests the opportunity to learn about different countries and cultures throughout the world. Visitors will view the world map and expand into specific storytelling featuring imagery and voice-over in English, Spanish, and Hmong. The map will be updated with new information regularly.

The Culture Exchange is scheduled to be installed November 2022!

If you have questions about The Culture Exchange or are interested in sponsorship opportunities, contact Jackie Erdman at


Melitta S and Joan M Pick Toddler Barnyard

The new exhibit on the second floor features a multi-level barn play-structure and slide, toys that encourage the development of children ages 0-4 in the areas of gross motor, fine motor, and cognitive skills. The project is made possible with the financial support of Melitta S and Joan M Pick Charitable Trust, a charitable organization based in Milwaukee, Wis., focused on gifts, grants, or loans to other organizations. Project partners include local businesses Custom Built Inc. and Quasius Construction

3rd Floor


Memories School House

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U.S.S. Efroymson


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